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The Powerhouse
A Network for Women in Zurich

Founded in Zurich in 2009, The Powerhouse is a volunteer-run, internationally-focused network for professional women – whether currently in the work force or not.

We aim to help women build and maintain dialogues and professional skills... and the confidence to take life by storm!

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Upcoming event

Women and Wellbeing
When women thrive, businesses thrive
Friday November 6th, 7pm 

The Powerhouse is delighted to invite you to our next event to hear Aniela Unguresan speak about Women and Wellbeing – a critical issue for the business world today, and in the future.

More info on our Events Page

NEW regular event:

Area 2 Small Group – Zürich city

8:30 to 10:00 every first Thursday of the month

This group aims at tackling entrepreneurial related topics where you can not only socialise, network, but also have or give input on how to do things in a different way and brainstorm together to find solutions to entrepreneurial issues. 

For more details, please contact Madalina or Mirkka directly
area2 [at] powerhousecollective [dot] com  
or RSVP within the Powerhouse FB Group, section Events

Thank you ...

to everyone who made it along to our interactive evening with Ashley Ringger and Rebecca Wheatley, focusing on human-centered communication, grounded in representing your authentic character/brand.

Photos on our Facebook page.

You can also find us on LinkedIn.